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In recent decades, democracy has developed both in practices and conceps. Democracy is not only interpreted ordinarily as the separation and balance of power   , but has contemporary addressed  the dynamic aspects of the effective governance. In the digital era, political, social and economic rights are the realm of democracy which continues to be fought for the welfare of society. On the other hand, the principle of government for the people as one of the principles of democracy in addition to the government of the people and government by the people, must be voiced continuously and consistently. The principle of government for the people is related to public accountability. In principle, everything that is done by the government or not done by the government must be accountable to  people. 

Today, democracy broadens its scope in economic and social dimensions. Modern countries regulate the    taxes, minimum wages, pensions, general education, insurance, preventing or reducing unemployment and poverty elevation so that the state has a liabelity in regulating such a way that the existence of the State is not disturbed by the economic crisis as well as imposing a crisis. In the current digital based economy movement, state faces great challanges to foster digital entrepreneurship as it has been progresively initiated by community. Many issues have emerged related to forgery, data privacy and protection, and fiscal arrangement that may hinder the movement.     

There are still many contested areas in regard to issues of democracy and public accountability in digital era where the a “new space” named as a cyberspace has become a dominant ecosystem of various human activities (political, social, economic, cultural, spiritual and sexual). Concerning these issues, the Faculty of Law, Social Sciences, and Political Sciences (FHISIP) Indonesia Open University takes the theme of “Democracy And Public Accountability In Digital Era” on the Annual Open and Society Conference 2019.  


The Annual Open Society Conference 2019 brings the theme “Democracy And Public Accountability In Digital Era”. 


  • To enhance the knowledge of academics, pratitioners and policy makers regarding the importance of democracy for safeguarding the cyber ecosystem 
  • To discuss the contested issues of democracy and public accountability in the digital era. 
  • To share reseach progress, output and analytical though among the academics, pratitioners and policy maker.  


To identify, currate and expose the issues, ideas, opportunities and challenges as well as studies on “Democracy and  Public Accountability in Digital Era”. The conference covers  the following sub-themes: 

  • Beyond democracy in digital era.
  • Public accountability.
  • Governance and public services.
  • Digital literas :  information, media, and technology communication.
  • Law, society, language.
  • Sociopreunership.
  • Collaborative government, taxation, business in public accountability.


  • Conference proceesing will be available for free access under Creatve Common Lisence.  
  • Short listed manuscripts recommended for publication in the affiliated journals.


Further Information about the conferece can be seen on the website: In addition, the information dissemination is also carried out with the help of information dissemination through several study program associations and professions, such as: 

  1. Unity of Indonesian Government Science Study Program (Kapsipi).
  2. Association of Lecturers of Governmental Science Study Programs (ADIPSI). 
  3. Association of State Administration Scientists (ASIAN).

The publication opportunity of the manuscripts as follows: 

  1. Conference Proceeding with ISBN.
  2. National and international journals (for selected articles) include:
  3. International Journal “Journal of Government Studies” indexed by Copernicus.
  4. Journal of Social Sciences, Accredited National Journal, Sprott 2.
  5. ASIAN Journal.
  6. Journal of Organization and Management, Open University, Nationally Accredited, Sprott 2.
  7. The launch of edited book entitled Democracy and Public Accountability in the Digital Age.


Seminar 2019 (Open Society Conferences 2019) “Democracy And Public Accountability In Digital Era”
Prosiding Seminar Internasional 2019

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