Virtual Conference Procedure

· Participants are expected to wear neat clothing during the conference.

· Participants must have joined the Zoom conference 15 minutes before the conference begins.

· Participants must fill out the registration form from the link provided in the chatbox.

· The display name format in zoom meeting is listed below:
Presenter: Presenter_Session Code_Room_Full name.
For example: Presenter_1_01_Andi Wijaya
Attendees: Attendees_Full name
For example: Attendees_Andi Wijaya

You can check the conference room below:

· All moderators, speakers, and participants are expected to use the Virtual Background of the conference.

· Participants will be “muted” during the presentations.

· Participants must fill out the feedback form to get the conference certificate. The link for the feedback form will be informed in the chatbox.